Delivering the best to our customers​

Partner with us to provide customers comprehensive business solutions. Customize and configure the VersaFleet implementation to your customers’ needs.

Making our software systems work together

Reduce double entry

Ensure seamless transfer of information between systems for our customers. Eliminate the need for data-entry by hand.

Actionable Insights

Empower customers with Business Intelligence across multiple systems. Co-create BI dashboards for actionable insights.

Open Integration

VersaFleet is 100% inter-operable, with comprehensive API documentation for real-time, 2-way system integrations

Join the ecosystem today

Seize global opportunities by including the VersaFleet TMS in your portfolio of solutions.

System Integrators & Software Distributors

Go-to partners for successful business transformation, helping identify the right solutions for companies to advance their digitalisation journeys. Combines tech expertise & business experience to catalyse change and deliver.

Product Partners

World class software specialists who are both industry and knowledge experts. Integrate your SaaS product with the VersaFleet TMS to give clients best-in-class solutions of every product category.

IoT Partners

Hardware experts who orchestrate Internet-of-Things to complement software, delivering a complete solution to customers. Integrate VersaFleet TMS with IoT devices to match on-the-ground data with powerful algorithms.

Advantages of being our partner

Growing demand to digitalise supply chains

Attractive partner margins

100% dedicated support

Hands-on training & materials

If you are looking for Partners who can work with the VersaFleet TMS, visit Our Partners.

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