Logistics SaaS Confluence 2016 Recap

Key logistics players and companies came together at the inaugural Logistics SaaS Confluence last Thursday (7th April 2016) at The Meeting Point, JTC LaunchPad@One-North. This confluence was proudly organised by VersaFleet™, supported by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Singapore Transport Association (STA) to help prepare logistics businesses for the future of logistics. The event saw more than 110 attendees, from 45 companies and 23 transporters.

Logistics SaaS Confluence 2016 @ The Meeting Point

The confluence aimed at clarifying the myths and doubts around Software-as-a-service (SaaS), as well as help companies find SaaS solutions that could potentially be the answer to the inefficiency problems they are facing right now. The rate at which ‘on-demand’ services powered by SaaS is changing the landscape of supply chain requires logistics companies to keep up and deliver smarter with the right technology. This event provided a platform for businesses to explore how they can become more productive by adopting the right technology the right way. Industry leaders in logistics, technology and legal matters were invited to discuss key issues in logistics.

The first speaker of the day was Mr Keith Carter, a visiting senior fellow at National University of Singapore. In his highly engaging presentation, he spoke about where software in logistics is going towards, how to get started and stay ahead of the game.

Keith Carter: “How has the use of software changed the face of logistics?”

Next, Mr Steve Tan, Deputy Head and a key partner in Rajah & Tann Singapore’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practice group, shared about legal responsibilities of companies and how businesses can avoid the legal minefield of e-commerce.

Steve Tan: “Traversing the Legal Minefield of E-commerce and Deliveries”

Exactly what is SaaS? How is it different from a traditional in-house software? Does it bring any real benefits? Is it worth paying the monthly subscription? These are common questions that people have about SaaS. Therefore, a panel of some key SaaS players in logistics were rounded up to clarify the myths and doubts around SaaS. They also shared about their SaaS solutions that could potentially be the answer to the inefficiency problems logistics companies are facing right now in the SaaS Tech Showcase.

“Living with SaaS” Panel Discussion, moderated by Lyon Poh. The panelists in the discussion (from right to left), moderated by Lyon Poh (CIO of KPMG), included Zhou Wen Han (CEO of VoicePing), Syed Ahmad Fuqaha (CEO of Katsana), Cameron Priest (CEO of TradeGecko) and Shamir Rahim (CEO of VersaFleet™).

After a networking lunch, the attendees entered a dual-track program. Controllers, transport managers, fleet dispatchers proceeded to the Product Spotlight segment, where they learned about the current and new features of VersaFleet through some hands-on experience. The other track was the Industry Focus Group Discussion for business owners, general managers, CEOs and managers about the adoption of new technology and industry collaborative projects.

Left: Product Spotlight for controllers, transport managers and fleet dispatchers. Right: Industry Focus Group Discussion for business owners, general managers, CEOs and managers

And that’s a wrap for Logistics SaaS Confluence 2016!

The people behind Logistics SaaS Confluence 2016: Team VersaFleet™ with Clovis Chew (WDA)

We would like to thank everyone who has attended Logistics SaaS Confluence 2016 and made it such a success. We look forward to working with everyone to change the face of logistics, one transporter at a time!

Header photo used with permission from Benjamin Lai.

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