Logistics SaaS Confluence 2017 Recap

VersaFleet’s flagship event, the Logistics SaaS Confluence returned for its second edition on 13th July 2017 after having a very successful first run in 2016. The confluence, supported by Workforce Singapore (WSG), was held at the Devan Nair Institute and saw 84 attendees, from 43 companies and 20 transporters.

Logistics SaaS Confluence 2017 at Devan Nair Institute

The theme for this year’s confluence was: Transforming Logistics with Automation. Distinguished panellists, industry experts and enthusiastic participants wrapped their heads around the role of automation in logistics. Together, they explored answers to questions such as how automation can benefit the logistics industry? What are some of the successful case studies? And how is the government helping SMEs to move forward with the automation transformation? The event served as a platform for businesses to figure where they stood in harnessing the power of automation and how they can increase productive by doing so. Leading minds in artificial intelligence, logistics and public policy came down to share with businesses on how they can tap on the potential of automation.

The first speaker was Ms. Ayesha Khanna, CEO and Co-founder of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence advisory firm and incubator that helps companies to innovate, optimise and grow. Ms Khanna talked about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact the future economy. In her engaging presentation, she talked about her company’s experience of working in developing countries and the potential AI has for all businesses alike.

Ayesha Khanna on “Future and AI”

Next, Mr Amit Dhingra, Director of Operations for South Asia at XPO Logistics, shared about how XPO Logistics went digital in Singapore and how to go about managing and implementing change when adopting automation for their operations.

Amit Dhingra on “Managing Change: How XPO went Digital”

It is important to get buy-in from stakeholders especially the operations team and drivers. Mr Amit Dhingra said introducing digitalisation “is meant to help them, protect them and ease their workload”. Being the key users of the new tools and technology, the operations team and drivers are most likely to benefit the most.

“Digitalising the process is meant to help them, protect them and ease their workload”. – Mr Amit Dhingra on “Managing Change: How XPO went Digital”

He added that “It is not surprising to encounter pushbacks from the users and feedback sessions tend to descend into a complaint session. The management team has to set the right mindset and set metrics to keep track of progress. Each issue or problem faced should have a learning takeaway which can be used to solve the problem.”

For the third speaker, we had Dr Sian Wee Tan, Operation Advisor at Monk’s Hill Ventures and Co-founder of Finaxar talk about the potential application of AI in logistics. More specifically, he shared about the opportunities and challenges for AI application in the modern supply chain.

Sian Wee Tan on “AI in Logistics”

To conclude the speakers’ segment, we opened the floor for questions. During the 15-min Q&A session, Mr Amit Dhingra and Dr Sian Tan addressed questions from the participants.

Q&A session with Sian Wee Tan (left) and Amit Dhingra (right), moderated by Shamir Rahim (middle)
The Ops Planning Challenge is the first of its kind competition on ops planning in Singapore.

“The Ops Planning Challenge” banner

The Ops Planning Challenge saw teams from different organisations competing to plan 100+ deliveries/pickups with various time, location, vehicle and driver constraints within 30 minutes.

Mike Taylor from Team SG Logistics Hub
Loida Calacat and Ravi Shwetha from Team NVS
Jolene Koh, Akbar Azad and Chloe Fu from Team HUBsters

After a sumptuous networking lunch, the attendees proceeded to the event highlight – Panel: Integrating SaaS Solutions.

Panel: “Integrating SaaS Solutions”, moderated by Lyon Poh. The panelists in the discussion (from left to right), moderated by Lyon Poh (CIO of KPMG), included David Henderson (CEO and Co-founder, DRVR), Alex Campbell (MD, Xero Asia), Yi-Wei Ang (Head of Growth, TradeGecko), Mike Taylor (MD, SG Logistics Hub) and Jan Donyada (VP Product, VersaFleet™).

The panel talked about the challenges and considerations of integrating SaaS Solutions with other systems including existing ERPs, accounting systems, warehouse management systems or transport management systems.

Lyon Poh, CIO of KPMG Singapore

The panellists shared their own experience in managing different SaaS Solutions together and answered questions from the audience by instilling case studies and best practices from their own industry.

David Henderson, Co-founder & CEO of DRVR
Alex Campbell, Managing Director of Xero Asia
Yi-Wei Ang, Head of Growth from TradeGecko
Mike Taylor, Managing Director of SG Logistics Hub
Jan Donyada, VP Product of VersaFleet™

The panel discussion was met with great applause in the end.

In the next segment, we were happy to have Emmanual Tay from Versa-Infiniti Academy; Shaik Umar, Assistant Director at IMDA; and Adam Paulus, Project Director at SingEx Exhibitions, to give the audience a short sharing.

Emmanual Tay from Versa-Infiniti Academy
Shaik Umar, Assistant Director at IMDA, shared about the “SMEs Go Digital” programme
Adam Paulus, Project Director (eCommerce & Logistics Cluster) at SingEx Exhibitions, on “Current Market Trends and Future Digital Innovations in Fulfilment and Last Mile Delivery”

The Logistics SaaS Confluence came to its finale which saw prize presentation for The Ops Planning Challenge winners. All the contestants walked away with great prizes.

The Ops Planning Challenge 2017 Team Representatives
Team SG Logistics Hub was the winner of the Trailblazer Award (Fastest to finish planning) and the Euclid Award (Shortest distance travelled)
Team HUBsters was the winner of the Strategist Award (Shortest time taken to execute the plan)
Team NVS receiving a token of appreciation
Team VersaFleet™

VersaFleet™  would like to thank everyone who made the second instalment of the Logistics SaaS Confluence a resounding success. We look forward to working with everyone and transforming logistics globally, one transporter at a time!

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