Integration between Ongoing WMS and VersaFleet TMS

Integration between Ongoing WMS and VersaFleet TMS

Ongoing WMS integrates with Asia’s leading Transport Management Software (TMS) VersaFleet. Both solutions are complementary to each other and the integration between Ongoing WMS & VersaFleet TMS results in a complete end-to-end logistics management solution. The first company to use this integration is a Malaysian cold chain transporter & 3PL, Frostbyte Logistics Sdn Bhd.

VersaFleet TMS automates logistics operations with scheduling & route optimization, sign-on-glass, electronic Proof-Of-Delivery, instant notifications and real-time job status tracking. VersaFleet powers more than 2,000 users worldwide working across 150+ companies, including Fortune 500 brands like Watsons, Canon, Johnson & Johnson, as well as major 3PLs like XPO Logistics.

“The integration with Ongoing WMS strengthens our market position in Asia and supports our market expansion into Europe. Ongoing WMS is a great complement to our transport management system. Using the integration between the two systems results in an extremely efficient logistics process.”

Yvonne Toh, Customer Experience Manager at VersaFleet

The integration allows for delivery orders to be automatically created as tasks in VersaFleet based on the order information from Ongoing WMS. A task is created in VersaFleet by clicking the SEND button in Ongoing WMS. Information about transportation status is then received from VersaFleet and is available in Ongoing WMS. This automated process eliminates any manual work from the operations team, thereby instantly removing any possible erroneous information that emerges from human error. This also saves the users time that would have resulted from updating both systems.

The main purpose of the integration is to make the last mile of the supply chain more efficient, especially with regards to the transportation planning process. This also leads to increased transparency and visibility throughout the supply chain with up to date information for all parties.

“Ongoing WMS now has an integration with one of the market-leading TMS´s in Asia. We have seen an increasing demand for our service in Asia and this integration makes an important step towards our international expansion. VersaFleet delivers a very competent TMS and I am sure that many companies will have great use of the integration.”

Fredrik Einarsson, CEO at Ongoing Warehouse

Ongoing Warehouse delivers a web-based warehouse management system suited for logistics-intensive companies such as 3PL and E-commerce businesses. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Ongoing Warehouse is the market leader in its niche in Scandinavia and is also growing rapidly globally. With a growing number of customers in Asia, in countries like Malaysia, India and Brunei, the integration is especially important. 

For more information about Ongoing Warehouse, visit their website or send an email to Fredrik Einarsson.

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