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We’re looking for sharp, creative folks who learn fast and are pro-active. If joining a stiff MNC is not for you, hitch your wagon to our star. We especially love go-getters who want to punch above their weight!

Why We Are Here

Perfecting the last mile of any supply chain is no easy feat. For brands that need to get their food or retail products to consumers, the last mile is especially crucial to get absolutely right. What’s at stake? Empty shelves, stores out of stock – deep frustration all around.

With the rise of on-demand services, ‘quick commerce’ (same day delivery within hours) is an especially growing trend. This has created a lot of pressure for the last-mile to execute logistics perfectly every time. But without the right technology, this is literally impossible.

At VersaFleet, we have developed technology that works, taking state-of-the-art from R&D, to drivers and the everyman on the ground. We firmly believe that all transporters should be enabled with technology that’s easy to live with – that actually empowers us.

Coming together from diverse backgrounds, every member of Team VersaFleet brings unique perspectives at tackling at age-old logistics problems. We experiment boldly with new ideas and approaches, and expect only the best from ourselves.

If you think you can contribute to supply chain innovation and technology, reach out to us!

Our unsung heroes

Our unsung heroes

The Way We Work

As a team of techies, we spend all our days in product development, working closely with end-users, our trusted partners around the world, as well as our research collaborators in academia. We keep up with rapidly changing technological trends and advancements, continuously iterating our products to adapt to the needs of the market.  We are a small, tech-savvy team of geeks full of energy, creativity and “get-it-done” gumption, working in a highly agile and fast-paced environment. 


Above all, we care deeply for everyone: our team, our customers, our partners – we make sure to always achieve the best for each of us.


We pro-actively ask questions, probe and gain a deeper understanding of the problems we are trying to solve for the industry we serve. Our diverse backgrounds enable us to share and learn from one another, developing new skills as we grow as a team.


Going above and beyond, we experiment with new ideas to introduce & implement cutting edge solutions for supply chains. Sometimes we march to the beat of our own drum, all in the spirit of driving innovation and helping our customers succeed with technology.


We believe that progress is inevitable and we should strive to keep up with it by tirelessly innovating and experimenting with new ideas. At the same time, we constantly drive ourselves to deliver positive results consistently.


Looking for talent

Learn about open roles on the VersaFleet team

Full-Stack Developer


  1. Code design & implementation of features & functions based on detailed specs, including database design and back-end coding 
  2. Perform code maintenance and multi-tenancy deployments on the cloud (AWS) 
  3. Creation of internal & external RESTful services
  • Professional experience with at least 1 modern full-stack framework (knowledge of Ruby on Rails will be an advantage) 
  • Experience with or familiarity with developing RESTful services (JSON) 
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript using JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 
  • Experience with or familiarity with at least 1 front end framework (knowledge of React will be an advantage)
  • Experience with source control systems like Git
  • Good written and spoken English  
  • Eager to learn, able to grasp concepts quickly 
  • Great team player and inter-personal skills
Creative Designer & Marketing Executive

The Creative Design & Marketing Executive is in charge of executing the company’s marketing activities. He/she is involved throughout the campaign ideation, planning, implementation, measurement, and optimization process. The role reports to Co-CEO.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Assist the team in the development of the overall digital marketing strategy 
  2. Support and assist the conceptualising and development of Offline & Digital marketing campaigns 
  3. Manage and oversee the implementation of marketing activities across a broad range of marketing channels (Offline & Digital channels, including but not limited to the website, social media channels, EDMs & product brochures) 
  4. Manage and maintain the company’s owned media including but not limited to the company’s website & social media assets 
  5. Manage the creation of relevant and engaging digital content for publishing onto various digital platforms, including working closely with external parties or vendors if required 
  6. Oversee content creation activities, ensuring SEO is optimised wherever possible 
  7. Oversee, implement & monitor analysis tools for measuring the performance of marketing activities 
  8. Analyze digital marketing analytics reports and share insights with the team to develop optimization plans 
  9. Conduct research on market trends, brand’s audiences and competitors, and end-to-end consumer journey to drive engagements and conversions 
  10. Stay abreast of emerging digital tools and platforms, digital marketing trends, new technologies, and share insights with the rest of the team 
  11. Conceptualising and designing of marketing collateral including social media posts, visuals for marketing proposals and branding 
  12. Be a part of planning and development stages for carrying out various marketing campaigns 
  13. Manage the company’s branding styleguides and ensure brand consistency 
  14. Contribute design assets for the design team 
  15. Other ad-hoc duties as assigned

Technical Skills

  • Technical 
  • Business Writing 
  • Content Curation 
  • Copywriting, Copy Editing 
  • Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing Analytics 
  • Creative Design 
  • Web Analytics Generic 

General Skills

  • Adaptability 
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Communication (Verbal) 
  • Communication (Written) 
  • Computational Thinking

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