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Route Optimisation

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your deliveries with our TMS SaaS, VersaFleet™. Manage your drivers and let us plan your routes for you! With route optimisation, schedule, assign and dispatch hundreds of jobs within seconds!

Photo-taking & E-sign

Take photos as proof and sign on the smartphones. Manage cash on deliveries, capture recipient name too. Go paperless!

Real Time Notifications

No more waiting till the day's end for status updates. Be notified instantly, all the time! Logistics operations is now real, know when it happens as it happens.


Update your shippers and customers in real-time as you complete jobs, giving them visibility over the jobs! Improve customer service for the end recipient of the goods by optimising the communication chain!

VersaFleet™ Tracking

VersaFleet™ comes with a tracking page for the end recipients of the goods. Send them the link and let them track the status of the jobs themselves. Use your own logo and make the page yours! Let the recipents track the status live and reduce the number of customer service calls you get!

More Awesome Features

Autogenerated e-POD

Autogenerated e-POD

All information captured on the driver's mobile phone like photo and signature is combined into a .pdf document that is automatically sent to all relevant parties upon job completion. Save the time spent scanning the hard copies and let VersaFleet™ do the work!

Flexible Configurations

Flexible Configurations

VersaFleet™ has a lot of settings that allows you to configure VersaFleet™ according to your own needs and operations. Add additional fields, configure the planning page view and even edit the e-POD to suit your company's branding! Use a transport management software that truly suits your needs.

Easily Integratable

Easily Integratable

VersaFleet™ believes in open integration. We have comprehensive API documenatation that allows you to integrate VersaFleet™ with existing and new platforms or other solutions! VersaFleet™ is ready to fit into the suite of solutions you have!

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