Transforming industries beyond supply chains

Discover how VersaFleet™ is transforming other industries by increasing routing efficiencies and augmenting delivery & pick-up operations. Full digitalisation enables data-driven and AI-powered decisions.

Industry Focus


Today’s retailers and distributors are confronted by savvy, smartphone-toting consumers and an uncertain economic future. Shifts in the supply chain require wholesale distributors to operate more quickly and efficiently. VersaFleet Transport Management Software offers last-mile delivery solution tailored for your wholesale and distribution business.


The transportation industry is becoming leaner and data-driven. Customer expectations are higher than ever. Implement the VersaFleet™ TMS to boost your last mile logistics operations. Make your clients’ “invisible mile” the strongest mile by going digital. Help strengthen supply chains end-to-end.

Environmental Services

Special constraints in route planning are the norm in waste management, especially for industrial waste. VersaFleet™ TMS has equipped leading waste management companies with AI, simplifying route scheduling operations. Co-implement with IoT solutions to automate data collection for compliance reporting.

People Transport

The Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry has been growing as more companies outsource non-core activities. The success of any BPO firm is critically dependent on staff transport services. Optimise and economically manage trips to & fro the office and homes with a fully-automated implementation of VersaFleet™ TMS. Deliver a comfortable and swift travelling experience for your team after a hard day’s work.

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