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Environmental Services

Level up waste management operations with VersaFleet TMS  Environmental Services Edition.

The state of the art in Waste Management

Modern waste management services are sophisticated and complex. Many companies in the industry run multiple types of operations simultaneously, especially in industrial waste. This may include handling of recyclable paper waste, chemical waste, and even metal sludge, toxic solvents and hazardous waste.

To effectively handle different types of waste management operations, various equipments are used with unique constraints, for example hook-lift, flat-bed, and prime-mover vehicles, typically with Zone 1 devices.

Level up your Waste Management operations

Match the correct resource to each trip's requirements

Save time on route planning & scheduling

Speed up transport operations planning by quickly getting a draft route schedule at a click. Optimise driver schedules to match different trip requirements with no additional effort other than the initial setup. Easily tweak driver schedules, and respond to last minute changes by adjusting or re-planning in seconds.

Smart matching of trip, drivers & vehicles

Automatically match the right driver & vehicle to trips based on strict requirement like specific vehicle types, driver skills and valid safety licenses. Include different equipment parts or attendants during the trip assignment process. Set up trip requirements and these will be matched with the relevant vehicle, driver, parts & attendants to perform every trip successfully.

Increase route planning consistency

Produce consistent route plans when VersaFleet remembers all the different resource types you have available for planningWith a one-time setup, all relevant information on each resource type can be configured in advance. These pre-defined resources can then be taken into consideration for your daily transport ops planning. 

Digitalised Records​

Digitalise inspection logs

Digitalise vehicle inspection records instead of asking your drivers to log them by pen & paper in notebooks. Capture essential records like the before and after service inspections in one place in the cloud. Save time transcribing manual records into spreadsheets and reports. No more tedious data entry or endlessly riffling old logbooks!

Customisable records

Customise various forms & records in VersaFleet according to business requirements. Set up parameters whether these forms are to be filled by the office personnel or drivers and decide permissions for record submission. With a digital audit trail, easily identity who and when the record is submitted. Export these records at any time for detailed analysis or investigations.

Effortless updates

When processes or inspection requirements change, save time by not having to prepare and print new paper forms.  This allows your team to focus on staff re-training. Simply update the records templates in your VersaFleet TMS account and instantly roll it out to your team as ready. Both the previous and new versions of all records are meticulously stored, while only the latest forms are kept available to minimise confusion among drivers.

IoT-ready and 100% inter-operable

Complement VersaFleet™ TMS with IoT

When managing a wide range of vehicles & equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) play an important role in maximising the utilisation of assets. To increase efficiency of operations, various sensors can be embedded to seamlessly alert your team based on pre-set triggers, for example when waste collection should be scheduled and performed.

Automatically retrieve vehicle data

Readily integrate the VersaFleet TMS with IoT hardware, including fleet management & telematics solutions to continuously render a detailed view of your waste management operations. Instantly record vehicle odometer readings via OBD-II interfaces, instead of recording trip  estimates by hand into vehicle logs.

Monitor and track all vehicle & assets

IoT hardware can also be used to monitor the utilisation and condition of various vehicles & waste management equipment. Combine data from IoT hardware with regular checks and thorough record-keeping to create a ‘preventative maintenance’ regime. This helps to prevent the likelihood of your valuable assets breaking down during live operations.

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