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People Transport

Increase customer satisfaction by sharing visibility & transparency over the last mile.

The state of people transport

Many companies are offering a wide variety of transportation services to ferry people from one place to another as they are either constantly working to increase their service offerings for the convenience of their customers or are trying to improve welfare policies for their staff. Most of these transportation are either ad hoc or scheduled but are rarely ever properly optimised. It is common to come across un-utilised or under-utilised vehicle assets due to non-optimal use of transportation resources. Passengers or staff can be brought from one place to another in a timely manner while properly optimising the use of available transport resources.

Manage Trip Bookings with Ease

Optimise transport resources to fit business needs

Maximise the full use of available transportation

Automatically route all trip bookings based on time constraints & available resources. Fully utilise all transportation resources especially for larger capacity vehicles like passenger vans or buses where passengers heading to a similar locale can be pooled together for a single trip.

Run Scheduled Optimisations without human intervention

Save time by setting the route optimisation to run at a set time daily. Choose any many schedules and run the optimisation according zones, driver batches or trip booking types. Reduce reliance on human personnel to oversee the routing and scheduling on a daily basis, especially during the early morning timings.

Informed Passenger

Visibility for the passenger

Notify passengers when the driver is on the way and provide the necessary driver & vehicle details for the trip. Keep passengers updated with a live tracking link of the driver’s real-time location so passengers can track the driver’s location. Share with passengers the precise time of when they will reach their destination.

Trip History

Easily accessed records

Maintain and provide to all stakeholders in depth details of every trip booking, including but not limited to the geostamps of the pickup & delivery locations, date and time stamps and also any edits or changes made to the booking. Look through previous records with ease to quickly settle any investigations that arise.

Driver audit

Analyse driver performance & adherence to company service levels with the data captured through the VersaFleet TMS. Ensure that drivers click off on the app correctly for the different milestones and the geostamps are captured correctly. With the available data, driver’s performance and app adherence can be monitored and improved over time to ensure smooth running operations.

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