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Shamir Straits Times

"Automating app helps drive small transporters"

Breaking into markets traditionally dominated by big players can be daunting but logistics software company VersaFleet (formerly Sypher Labs) has proved it is up for the challenge.

P.S. Our founder is mentioned in the PM Lee Hsien Loong's new year message!

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“Will these 45 cockroach startups lead a new revolution? (Pt 1)”

VersaFleet (formerly Sypher Labs) has been featured as a cockroach startup. We are here to stay! To survive and help the logistics industry.

"Channel News Asia Money Mind"

VersaFleet talks about the problems logistics face and how we plan to solve it

“Efficient delivery services a boon for online shoppers”

VersaFleet was featured as a software solution for e-commerce delivery services.

“K-Startup Interview”

VersaFleet is one of the top 40 companies in the K-Startup Challenge. See our Korea Country Manager talking about VersaFleet in Korea.

"IoT Bootcamp Winners"

VersaFleet is featured as one of the six winners of the IoT Bootcamp Winners.

"Sypher Labs gets $471,000 to move logistic operations into the cloud"

VersaFleet gets their seed round funding of $471,000.

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